Our Values 

Customer affinity

The people of Fingiaco believe in the importance of listening and try to empathize with the needs of the entrepreneur and / or management. They are people who provide solutions by firstly genuinely experiencing the client’s requirements. It is only after fully comprehending  the client’s objectives that the most appropriate solutions are formulated by leveraging their technical, analytical and professional backgrounds.

Passion for the company, at every stage of its economic life

 “When we work hard for something we believe in, It’s called passion. When we work hard for something that we don’t believe in, it’s called stress.” – Simon Sinek

Fingiaco is, first and foremost, a business, and, as such, develops through its ability to experience every dimension, problem and opportunity of business. The people at Fingiaco are united by their passion for business ventures, irrespective of the stage of entrepreneurial development, whether it be start-up, expansion, consolidation and regardless of the degree of complexity.

Approach to work by objectives

The people of Fingiaco use the criteria of efficiency when measuring their objectives. The project milestones at Fingiaco are determinable, achievable and attainable. The highest quality outcome for the client is the product of the most effective and efficient use of all available resources / skills.

Analytical ability and enterprising spirit

The people of Fingiaco pursue the client’s goals by combining meticulous analysis with resourcefulness. This method is based on the experience and the technical competences acquired in the field in a broad spectrum of sectors.